10 Simple Ways to Find Your Inner Calm

Although I still haven't found the secret to finding my inner calm, and keeping it (if you know please share!), I have learnt a few simple activities that will give me a temporary wave of calm for when my anxiety and depression unexpectedly creep on me. 

Hopefully this list will work for you to;

1. Colouring in

Those really intricate, adult colouring books can transport me to the land of the calm for hours! When my depression was in full force, at the beginning of the year, I must have gone through about 4 books in the space of 3 months. 

2. Watch Netflix

Watching netflix can offer you hours of escapism, if you're not spending an hour trying to choose the right movie or show. When I want to escape reality for a little while, I always pick the same suspects. Ones that take away every scared, nervous, and angry thought I had in my head, straight from the get go. It'd be rude of me not to share them with you;

- The Choice
- The Night Shift
- The Good Witch
- P.S. I Love You
- The First Time
- The DUFF
- Gilmore Girls
- Gossip Girl

3. Listen to Music

Create a playlist, lay back, and close your eyes - trust me, you'll feel better. I know this seems like such an obviously suggestion, but it takes a really special song to be able to take you to a whole other place.

Here's a few special song suggestions for you;

- The Fray ~ Never Say Never
- Chord Overstreet ~ Hold On
- You Me At Six ~ Take on the World
- Ron Pope ~ A Drop in the Ocean
- The Cinematic Orchestra ~ To Build a Home

4. Sit outside with a cuppa

Yep, you heard me. Get the kettle on, and go outside! Just breathe. Look up. And listen to nature for a short while. 

5. Cook

Technically cooking doesn't calm me down, it actually stresses me out. But it does get me out of my head for an hour or two. I exchange all my worries for thoughts about how to make my Spaghetti Bolognese even more beautiful than it already is.... and making sure I don't chop a few fingers off --> clumsiest person known to man! 

6. Get a nice hot bath... or shower!

Run that hot water, pick the perfect Lush bath bomb, maybe light a few candles, and stick that calming playlist on that I've just told you about. Ooo, I think I'm going to go and do the same.

7. Read a good book

Pick up your favourite book, and find a quiet spot to read. A park on a summers day is always a peaceful reading experience. 

8. Go for a run

Running in the morning is always a great way to clear your mind. Alternatively, you could take an hour out of your day to go to the gym, or if your anxiety gets in the way, exercise at home. I always feel fantastic after a good workout.

9. Go to your happy place

We all have that one (or two) place where we feel at our happiest. Where we feel safe. For me, its either the park that overlooks my entire city, or no matter how old I am, I always feel safe when I am at my dads side. 

Last but certainly not least...

10. Blogging

Writing down everything that is on my mind gives me a HUGE sense of relief. I'm left feeling, not only lighter, but proud of myself for managing to publish all the craziness in my head. 

That's it. They're my 10 simple ways to find my inner calm. 

How do you find your inner calm? Leave a comment below, I love hearing fresh ideas.


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  1. I absolutely love these ideas!! These are all things that help me feel calmer and help me relax! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn

    1. Thank you for commenting.They're all things that work for me everytime.


  2. Fab post, I find these kind of things so helpful as they're always full of ideas I hadn't considered previously! I love using blogging to clear my head too, it's great to put some thoughts down even if you never end up actually sharing what you've written! Cooking is something I find therapeutic as well, it's always satisfying to eat a delicious meal you've cooked yourself!

    Abbey 🌻 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

    1. Thank you Abbey. Blogging is definitely the perfect antidote for stress. I agree, whats your fave meal to cook?


  3. This was such a great list! They all work when you need calm. I like doing puzzle words and they calm me down instantly!

    1. Hi Jenni.
      I totally agree! Doing a sudoku is like meditation to me.
      Thank you so much for commenting.

  4. Hey,

    Great ideas here we find yoga in a park or beach is a super good way to relax as well. Maybe not in the winter though 😂.


    1. Thank you so much for commenting. I've been thinking a lot lately about trying yoga again.



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