Signed, Sealed, Undelivered - A Letter to...My Best Friends

Dear you two,

You gave me everything. You gave me your bad eyesight, your nose, your love for life, your taste in TV and music and your quirky little habits, like when we both bite the inside of our mouths when thinking, or how we scrunch up our face in disgust at something.

You gave me your calmness, your patience, your silly sense of humour, your intelligence, your habit of biting your nails, your family’s ginger gene and chin, and your warm hugs.

We love education. Although I’ve always been the English nerd, whereas Maths and History were your forte’s. We share everything. From stories, to jokes, to thoughts. You even gave me your clothes (Thanks for the old cardigans and the black coat).

I share your ability to fangirl. You had your music when you were my age and I have my TV Shows now. I guess I can’t really insult your love for Donny Osmond considering I have pictures of Matthew Gray Gubler on my wall. Okay, so it’s possible that both are equally ridiculous. One sings ‘Puppy Love’, the other sings karaoke renditions of The Little Mermaid. We’re still going to insist our “celebrity” crushes are superior to the other’s.
 You’d tell us they’re both embarrassing idiots.

We don’t always like the same stuff. You’ll turn up your nose at my love for horror and I’ll turn up my nose at your love for ghost stories. You’ll turn up your nose at both her ghosts and my horror, but at least they’re more interesting than your news channels and your awful Steven Seagal movies. “He can’t act, but he can sure beat the shit out of people.” We can still talk about them to each other though and that’s what I love about us.

You’ve both gotten me through a lot; from helping me with my homework when I was small to listening to me cry and talk about the boy who broke my heart as a teenager. Now that I’m entering adulthood I’m sure there’ll be a lot more things you’ll both help me with and hopefully I can help you guys in return.

Sometimes you drive me insane. You’ll get snappy or say the wrong thing. I drive you insane with my laziness, my clumsiness and my strange ability to turn everything into a dramatic emergency. But we get our faults from each other, because after all, best friends share everything and they’re supposed to drive each other crazy sometimes.

I love you though. I always have and always will, even when we’re reminiscing about when I was 15 and you grounded me for staying out past 11 and worrying you. “Be home for 9” didn’t exactly go to plan. My bad. There are good things to reminisce about too. Like the stories you used to tell me about three little dogs, and The Beatles songs you would sing to me. I liked your version better, even if you couldn’t remember all of the words. Or how about my 18th birthday? We got so drunk and you laughed at me in the girls toilets as I attempted and failed to walk in a straight line, declaring my sobriety to you. You also made the taxi driver take us to a take out place and bought him food too. “I’m sober. I promise.” Sorry, but you weren’t, none of us were.

You put yourselves down sometimes. You’re “too old” or “too overweight” now, but to each other you still see the other as perfect as you did when you fell in love at 19. And to me you don’t need to change a thing. You both give the best hugs. They shut out the bad and protect me from everything and everyone that’s ever hurt me, or will hurt me in the years to come. Your laughs are infectious and cheer me up, especially when you both lose it at your own jokes as the other just smiles and shakes their head, saying something like “pathetic.” All the generous little things you do and did for my brother, my sister and I cheer me up too. I never had to ask for anything, I always just had it. I guess I’m a little spoilt in that sense, but I never needed to be. I don’t always show you how much I appreciate you, but I do because:

There have been times when I have felt lonely and friendless. That I never had a best friend to gossip with, to have sleep over's with, to eat with, to travel with, watch TV with, sing badly with, dance with, laugh with, cry with, to share my day with. I’m an idiot. I’ve had two best friends this whole time.

You gave me this blue heart decoration to hang on my wall when I turned 19. It said to "dream until your dreams come true", but I don’t need the reminder. I am already a dreamer because of you both and the wonderful life you have given me. So, thank you for being the best friends I have and will ever have.

Love from your daughter <3


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