Day 1: Five Ways To Win My Heart

Hey! Welcome to the first day of my 30 day challenge.
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Five Ways To Win My Heart

1. Great humour - If you can make me laugh on a daily basis then you
can definitely win my heart. Especially if you're witty and sarcastic like me.

2. Food is the BEST way to my heart because food is already the love of my life.

3. Support me - Support is the key. Support me when I'm going through a
rough time. Support me when I have accomplished something, no matter
how small. Never let me give up on anything. Be proud of me.

4. Bond with my family and friends - My family and friends are the most
important people in my life. So if you can create a strong bond with my crazy,
sometimes unbearable, family then you're pretty much already in my heart.
Go for a Sunday drink with my Dad and Grandad, play with my little cousins,
and if you can get my Uncle to call you by your real name then you're a keeper.

5. Pay attention to every silly thing about me - Get to know every single,
weird part of me. How I only eat pie's upside down, that I will only eat bacon
if it has brown sauce with it, that I have two laughs - one I have in public,
and my real, sounds-like-a-car-starting laugh. Know me as well as my best
friends do.

And that is the five main ways to my heart!

Check back tomorrow to hear what I feel strongly about.

All my love


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