Day 11: Five Wishlist Items

"The quickest way to know
a woman is to go shopping
with her"- Marcelene Cox

Just recently, my best friend and I moved into our own home and I bagged myself a new job (WOO!), so I haven't had the luxury of treating myself lately. Its so difficult to not do some online shopping, especially with having emailing me everyday to tell me there's a sale on. But I have been online window shopping and I've put together quite the wish list. I'm going to be showing you my top five items on my wish list right now. They all just so happen to be from Nasty Gal which I am totally and utterly obsessed with right now! 

    Open to It Cut-out | West Coast Fringe |Hella Good Velvet  |Never Tier Us       | Strap Me Down
    dress                        Bodysuit                 Dress                       Apart Ruffle Dress Cold Shoulder 
    £25.00                     £18.00                     £25.00                    £60.00                      Dress

Completely in love!

Have you checked NastyGal out yet? 

All my love


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