Day 12: My Favourite Book

'The Collector' by John Fowles is one of my favourite books. I've only read it the once (for now), but it was such a thrilling rollercoaster to read from start to finish that it instantly became one of my favourites, without needing a second read to remember the small details.

In summary the book focuses on Frederick, a collector of butterflies who likes to pin them into frames to keep and especially liked to photograph them once they've been pinned. While this hobby can be seen as innocent at first, it quickly becomes dark as he projects his obsession onto art student Miranda, who he has been stalking for months. After purchasing a house from the money he won in a pool, Frederick kidnaps Miranda in the hopes that he'll be able to convince her to fall in love with him. However, the more he learns about her character the more he fights between disliking her and obsessing over her, particular her hair (creepy I know).

The novel is told in four chilling parts:

1. Is told from Frederick's point of view. We get an insight into his
 background and why he appears as polite, traditional and submissive as he does.

2. Is told in the form of Miranda's diary entries and while Part 1 makes her appear
 pretentious and snobby, part 2 shows a more naive side to her as we see how she
 is manipulated through her infatuation with "G.P"

3. Picks up where Miranda left off but through Frederick's point of view once 
more allowing us to gain closure over the end of part 2 and hear his side of the
 story once more.

4. Is the concluding part that I found the most chilling, not because of 
the events that take place (spoilers) but because of how different Frederick suddenly
 appears. His character development makes you question yourself for sympathising 
with him and is actually pretty eery.

As a horror junkie and someone who is fascinated by thrillers and criminals, I got enticed into reading the book. But it was Fowles' unique style of writing and the structure of changing his narrators that made this book one of my favourites. At times you feel yourself experiencing the same Stockholm syndrome as Miranda, sympathising with Frederick and disliking some of Miranda's qualities. What I loved most about reading this book was how confused it left me at every page. The plot itself was easy to follow but it made me constantly question who to sympathise with and my own morals.

Although Fowles' beautiful description was not gory in any sense, it was at times grim and the dark imagery is what leaves the book so chilling as it places you in Miranda's position. She is so desperate to escape that her methods of doing so become, at times, uncomfortable or eery to read. This is beacause it leave you questioning if you would do the same horrid things yourself if in her position. 

In conclusion, this book scared the hell out of me because of how realistic it was, but I loved every second of it. If you're a fan of thrillers or the kidnapped victim trope, or even just a book that makes you question yourself then I highly recommend The Collector. But pre-warning: it's disturbing suggestions and themes are not for the faint of heart. 


What is your favourite book? Let me know in the comments section below, I'm always on the look out for new books to sink my teeth in to.

~ Z.L

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