Day 15: What My Zodiac Sign Says About Me

I am forever checking what my star sign is saying each week! I'll admit it isn't always accurate. But when it comes to the personality traits of a Taurus, it always seems to describe me down to a tee. 

So I've done a little research on what being a Taurus says about me and most of it is highly accurate, so hopefully you'll get to know me a little better through this. 

  • Taurus is a sign of practicality and possessions. We tend to be very patient and dedicated people. And usually we're very cautious when dealing with people and life. 
  • We have a curious power of dominating others, even when we're not conscious of trying to do so. 
  • We're extremely faithful, with a strong need for security and a settled routine. Although we're very earthy, we can also be highly romantic and sensitive when it comes to love.
  • Taurus have a great power of endurance, both physical and mental, and can pass through enormous strains of fatigue as long as the excitement or determination lasts.
  • We often become excellent directors and have a good business intuition. Motivated by security, this sign is good for business matters and can be trusted to carry things through with absolute care. As well as being very strong-willed and often quite creative.
  • Taurus are governed by their sensations and by their loving nature, but affection has a greater hold on them than passion. We're also warm and sensual, with an appreciation of the fine things in life. 
  • Passionate nature endowed with a strong sense of loyalty and fidelity. And always kind and generous with friends.
  • If we love, we are generous to the last degree, and will consider no sacrifice too great for the person we care for. If they are enemies, we will fight with the most determined obstinacy. We always fight in the open, for we hate trickiness, double-dealing or deceit. (Very true!)
  • As a taurus, we're easily influenced by our surroundings. As well as being easily misled by our emotions, sensations or affections. (Guilty)
  • We are typically strong and silent, but we often appear ignorant and willfully obstinate to others. (People genuinely think I hate them at first, nope it's just my face)
  • Touch and taste is considered the most important of all senses by the Taurus sign. 
  • Stubbornness can be interpreted as commitment, and our ability to complete tasks whatever it takes is uncanny. This makes us excellent employees, great long-term friends and partners. (I wonder if I can put this on my cv?)
  • We have the ability to bring a practical voice of reason in any chaotic and unhealthy situation. 
  • We're always willing to lend a hand in friendship, although we can be closed up for the outer world before we build trust for new social contacts we make. 
  • Taurus are known for loving kids and appreciating time spent with people who love us, respecting family routines, customs, and being present in all events and gatherings.
  • When focused on a specific project, we will firmly stick to it, no matter what happens in the world around us. Stability is the key to understanding our working routine. 
  • We long for true love and security and we're very unlikely to give into our desires and instincts quickly. 
Strengths: Reliable, patient, practical, devoted, responsible, stable.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, possessive, uncompromising.

Likes: Gardening, cooking, music, romance, working with hands.

Dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind.

If you've made it to the end of this, then you definitely know a hell of a lot about me now.

What does your star sign say about you? Let me know in the comments below.

All my love


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