Day 21: A Letter To My Younger Self

Okay. You’re 13, it’s September and you’re preparing to start your third year at High School so I’ll give you some advice. Right now you’re huffing and rolling your eyes and saying you don’t need any advice. You’re half way through school now so what more could you possibly have to learn? Unfortunately, you have a lot to learn so I’m going to give you a 10 step guide to getting through this next year and the next few years.

  1. Things ended last year and so you’re looking optimistically at the door to this new year with hopeful ideas. You think it’s going to be the best year of your life. I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but it’s not going to be the best. In fact it’s pretty much going to suck. My advice to you is let it. There are people who right now are going to make your life hell so let yourself be in pain. Stop telling yourself to be less sensitive. Let people know you’re hurting but don’t shout at them. They won’t take you seriously. Teenagers can be mean, but they’ll grow into maturity and so will you. So don’t blame yourself for the way you are treated. Sometimes people are just mean and you’re unlucky enough to be the target. It’s fine. In a few years you’ll be out of this place and everyone will be a lot nicer. You’ll have the best of friends and you won’t feel so alone and out of place anymore.

  1. Don’t assume you have fallen in love with the first boy who treats you nicely. That pretty guy who sits next to you in English class? Yeah that’s just a crush. He does not like you, but that’s okay because you don’t really like him either. Trust me you’ll get over it and in years time when the two of you are good friends you’re going to look back and laugh at yourself for all the cringey messages you sent him and things you said. So stop harassing the poor guy for attention. Give him some space and again remember he’s nothing special. He’s just a boy at the end of the day. So be cool about it and be nice to him. You’re 14. You don’t need a boyfriend. You wouldn’t even know what to do with a boyfriend if you got one. Trust me. In two years you’re going to have your first boyfriend and it’ll be fine so stop stressing about it. It won’t last but that’s fine. You’ll only be 16. There’ll be better guys. Do not go back to him. Stay away from him. He’s trouble. Oh yeah and you’re going to have your first kiss this year so please for the love of God put some effort into it. Don’t fret that you’ll mess it up and don’t think that this person is “the one”.  It’s just a kiss. Chill out my friend.

  1. Oy lazy pants. Get off that new mobile phone of yours (the red one that looks like a brick) and help Mum and Dad around the house some more. The homework right now is not that bad so you have plenty of time to clean up your own mess. Wash the dishes and please please please tidy your damn room. Stop hoarding paperwork and other things you don’t need because you’re going to leave me with a bunch of stuff to sort through and I have better ways to spend my time than you do currently. I know school sucked today but believe it or not tidying up can clear your mind and it’ll make Mum and Dad feel better too.

  1. Why do you insist on dressing in all pink? I mean you’re going to dress a lot better in the future but damn. Seriously that’s a lot of pink. A lot. Also try not use the XD face so much. It’s a little annoying. There’s this little thing called eyeliner too. Use it. Perfect that flick now instead of sticking to lumpy mascara and overly shiny lipgloss. Get used to it now.

  1. Here’s a piece of advice no one will tell you. You won’t hear it from your parents or your teachers or your friends but psst School doesn’t matter. I mean it does in a sense but not as much as you think it does. College matters so pay more attention when you start there but please remove that stick up your butt. You’re only 14 and sorry to spoil the future but you’re going to fail most of your A Levels anyway. It’ll be fine. Don’t miss out on normal teenage experiences because you were too worried about the future. The future is fine. You’re going to University in September so relax a little now while you can. Allow yourself to be naive and make mistakes because you’re young and you’ll get away with them now. You won’t get away with them when you’re older.

  1. Don’t be afraid. Sing, dance, write, talk to whoever you want. Your voice is okay and well you’re still going to be an awful dancer, but your writing will improve and although you’ll still be shy, you’ll end up being pretty confident in doing what you want to do without being scared. You’ll regret wasting the years being scared to do what you want. So, JUST DO IT (that meme will make sense in a few years)

  1. Okay in 5 years you’re going to make the very poor decision to spend all that money you’ve been saving your entire life. And you’re going to spend it on useless junk. Don’t do that. Save it. Throw your card away and don’t let yourself be tempted by all those pretty things.

  1. This isn’t really advice but you don’t like Doctor Who that much anymore. Yeah I know. Sorry.

  1. Okay when you’re 17 you’re going to meet your favourite actor at a convention. You don’t know him yet so shh pay attention. Say something to him! I stared at him for about a minute and then finally just said “thank you”. It was embarrassing. Don’t do that. Make conversation with him. Ask him about the show. Hell ask him how his day was. Anything is better than thanking him with a lack of explanation. Maybe write him a letter. Damn that would have been a good idea. Yeah write him a letter.

  1. When you’re 14 you’re suddenly going to find that you hate a lot of stuff about yourself. You hate your braces and you hate your untamable frizzy hair and spotty face and your lack of intelligence and mood swings. Yeah this is called puberty. Don’t worry about it because when your braces come off your teeth will be as good as new, spots clear up and your hair is awesome. You’re not stupid. You’re just a naive teen and yeah okay so you suck at maths but that’s fine. Everyone fails at something. Let yourself fail. It doesn’t make you a failure. One day you’re going to learn to love yourself and all your flaws. It’ll take some time because right now you’re a dramatic self hating ball of hyperactiveness, but you will get there. You will mature and so will everyone else. Just remember that as horrible as life is right now (and trust me I know how horrible it is) it is going to get worse. Sorry, but then it’s going to get better and better and you’re going to love it. Hang in there my friend. And enjoy life


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