Day 22: Where Do I Want To Be In 10 Years?

"You control your future, your destiny.
What you think about comes about. 
By recording your dreams and goals
on paper, you set in motion the process
of becoming the person you most want
to be. Put your future in good hands -
your own." - Mark Victor Hansen

From a very young age I have always thought about my future. It has sometimes been classed as a fault of mine. For example, when it comes to getting an interview for a job - I think so far into the future and make up a lot of 'what if' situations that I get my self into a state of panic. So much so that I don't go to the interview. 

"Never let your fear
decide your future"

One thing that hasn't altered much is the vision I have for my future.

In 10 years I will be 30. For me, that's always been the age where I thought I'd be starting a family. Ideally, in 10 years, I'd want to possibly be at least in a long term, permanent and loving relationship with a beautiful child or one on the way. Having a child is all I have wanted since having my miscarriage. So if a baby comes along before 30, I will most definitely be happy about that.

Aside from an idyllic family life, I would love to be a professional blogger. If you have seen past posts, you'll know that making money at something I love is my dream! 

In 10 years I want to be happy.

"The best way to predict your
future is to create it"
- Abraham Lincoln

Where do you want to be in 10 years?

All my love


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