Day 24: My 2017 Goals

"Setting goals is the first step in
turning the invisible into the visible"
- Tony Robbins

I am constantly setting long-term and short-term goals, in almost every aspect of my life, all year round. As Les Brown once said "Your goals are the road maps that guide you and show you what is possible for your life". Setting goals keep me motivated, especially my short term goals.


"A dream written down with a date
becomes a goal. A goal broken down
into steps becomes a plan. A plan
backed by action makes your 
dreams come true."
- Greg S. Reid

- Reach 30,000 page views by 31st December.

- Have a professional layout.

- Offer ad packages.

- Open an Etsy store.

- Earning ad revenue.


"You only reach the fitness goals you
aim at. Therefore, you might as well aim
at reaching your ultimate fitness goals."
- Felicity Luckey

- Minimum 1 hour exercise everyday, including
   20 squats, from 1st September to 30th November.

- Achieved or almost achieved my toned body.

- Healthy eating.

- Go for a run at least twice per week. 


"What you get by achieving your goals
is not as important as what you become
by achieving your goals"
- Zig Ziglar

- To become stronger than my anxiety and

- Have a monthly night in with my girls.

- Spend time with my family every
 chance I get.

- Have a mini break away.

- Read at least 4 books by the years end.

- Reach a happy place.


What're your goals for 2017?

All my love


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