Day 4: Five Pet Peeves

"I don't have pet peeves
like some people. I have 
whole kennels of irritation"
- Whoopi Goldberg

I'm with Whoopi Goldberg on that one. But if I told you every single thing that forces me to eye roll, then we'd be here forever. So lets just stick to my top 5.

1. Repetition - This is my biggest pet peeve. You do not 
have to tell me 20 times that you seen Doris at the bingo.
If I didn't hear you then fair enough, repeat yourself. But 
if I answer you the first time, please to save you having a 
black eye, do not tell me again.
Disclaimer - I wouldn't really give someone a black eye.

2. People who insist they're right when they're wrong -
I'm not saying I'm right all the time, but I can't bare it when
you know 100% that someone is wrong but they're just not
having it. The FBI could pass them evidence that they're
wrong and they'd still insist that they're right.

3. People who don't close doors behind them - When 
you're sitting in a room and someone opens the door, turns 
the light on, then walks back out. Sure, I guess I'll get up, turn 
the light off and close the door then shall I!!

4. People who think only their opinion matters - I usually
like to stay away from debates, but if it's about racism, 
discrimination of any kind, or politics then damn right I 
will voice my opinion. It is impossible to speak to my stepdad,
I do not agree with any of his opinions regarding the points 
I have just mentioned. But of course only his opinion is right.

5. People who put their money on the counter right next
 to my outreached hand - This is something that used to annoy
 the living hell out of me when I was working in retail. 

What is your biggest pet peeve?

All my love


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