Day 7: What's In My Bag?

Before I show you what's in my bag, I should tell you that it is never
this tidy! But for the purpose of this post I have decided to remove the 
many chewy wrappers and the very impressive collection of receipts. 

Purse - My nan bought me this purse last Christmas, I'm pretty sure she bought it from Primark.         Although I'm not to sure why I'm still carrying it around, I have ZERO money in it.
Bobbles - They are a must! I swear every time I don't have a spare, my bobble snaps. 
Medication - Co-Dydramol is a must for girls every month. Personally it's the only one that works for me. I also usually have Ibuprofen in my bag for a condition I have, but I ran out. 
Chewing Gum - I almost always have a packet of Extra in my bag. Every time I want to smoke I have a chewy instead. 
Sunglasses - I don't usually get chance to wear them much in Britain but they're still a summer essential. 

Lipsticks - These two are always in my bag! The one on the left is a Primark lipstick. I use that one most days, it's super simple. And the one on the right is for day's when I'm feeling a little bit more confident. p.s. It's the longest lasting red lipstick I have ever bought! 
I absolutely love this pen! I bought it in Wales a few months back. It's so pretty! I never want it to run out.
My book - I always like to have a book in my bag for bus journey's. I'm currently reading 'The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart' by Anna Bell. I'm really loving it so far, I highly recommend it.
My reading glasses - My glasses are an absolute essential. If I don't have them on me, guaranteed I will get the mother of all migraines.
Notebook - My whole life is in that notebook. I write every idea, every list, every plan I make, in that book. I really love how it looks too. I bought it from Home Sense. They have one off items, the store is every bloggers dream. 

And that's what is in my bag. What're your bag essentials?

All my love


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  1. that pen is sooooooooooooo pretty! i am a sucker for stationery, i remember having a swarovski pen when i was younger that i refused to use in case it ever ran out, so i feel ya sister!

    katie xx / lacoconoire on bloglovin

    1. They're just to pretty to use aren't they. It's more of a decorative pen haha.

      Thank you so much for commenting Katie
      SH;AL -xo


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