Day 28: My Proudest Moment

I'm a proud parent and although my most obvious achievement is carrying, giving birth and looking after my daughter while she grows up. I would say that the most proudest moment of being a parent, was when I found my can do approach to it. I remember sitting down one day, feeling down in the dumps about how much housework that I had to do and how little energy that I had. I remember staring down at my thighs (I was wearing shorts and sweltering in Summer) and I decided that I didn't like how much bigger I felt since I had my daughter.

I decided to take my situation into my own hands and I decided to do everything that I could in order to increase my energy levels and make mine and my daughters life better. This included ditching cigarettes which I thought were helping me cope with the stresses of parenthood, when they were in fact making my life worse in every way! I began to lose weight and found a love for health and fitness. I chose to return to education and I'm now in the process of finding a job, which can work around my daughters school life.

My proudest moment was becoming positive about my situation, accepting it and not letting it defeat me. I could easily have continued to wallow in my own self pity and sink further into depression but by putting myself out there, I found a new love for my life that I never knew existed!

If you take anything from this post, please believe in yourself and remember that by taking little steps everyday, to treat your body and mind well, you can overcome anything.

All my love


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