Signed Sealed Undelivered - A letter to...the greatest man

Dear Dad,

My happiness has always been down to you. Every baby picture with you - I am smiling. I would sleep on your chest so peacefully like it was the safest place on Earth. I may have outgrown sleeping on your chest, but being by your side, receiving one of your bear hugs or even your voice over the phone - is when I feel safest. Like nothing could ever hurt me.

Do you remember when I was in primary school and I was going on a school trip, I think it was to a viking museum or something. I can't remember where it was, what I learned or who was there. What I do remember is that I asked you to come with me, and you did. You booked the day off work to spend the day with a bunch of annoying children on a boring trip. When I look back at my childhood, I am flooded with happy memories that you have made. Dancing, well walking, around the table to Dean Martin. Going to Everton matches. Walking to this little thrift shop of some sort to buy toys. Walking me to school of a morning and buying me two chocolate bars (I soon got that up to three). Playing battleship together. Walking a long the canal to feed the ducks and walking passed that house that we swore we would live in one day. To most people those memories would sound like days to be easily forgotten. To me, they are the best days of my life. It didn't matter what we were doing as long as I got to spend time with my best friend.

That didn't change through high school either. I would get up at a ridiculous time every morning so that I could go to your house before school. I'll be honest, it had nothing to do with having breakfast - although you do make a 5 star egg and soldiers - I just wanted to see you everyday. I never liked school, I worried about it everyday being the over thinker that I am. Seeing you in the morning gave me something to hold on to. I hated homework and revision, obviously because who doesn't? But those Saturday's that you'd spend teaching me spellings and using my flash cards to test me on Biology and Chemistry - they were good days. Because of you I'm great at spelling (I really hope I haven't spelled anything wrong in this letter, that'd be awkward), and you got me a B in biology and chemistry. Which you know because once again you took the day off work to go and get my GCSE results with me.

There hasn't been a single day where I have felt like you weren't proud of me. You were proud of me every time I beat my high score on snake. You were proud of me no matter what my results in school were. You were proud of me when my teenage self could teach grown adults how to write a racing bet. You were proud of me every day that I worked in that god-awful shop. You are proud of me when I come out with a witty remark. You are proud of me when I get a question right on those stupid quiz shows you watch. You are proud of me when I hit every milestone on my blog. Every time that you express how proud you are of me, it reminds me that I'm worth something, that I can achieve anything I put my mind to.

My blue eyes. My smile. How I can eat as much as I'd like without putting weight on (thanks for that one!). And I definitely got my dancing hips from you, not as good as your moves though Dad don't worry. I'm stubborn. I'm honest. I'm caring. I'm strong-willed. And I put everyone I love before myself in order to protect them. Everything I love about myself - I get from you. It's a complete mystery where I get that laugh from though ay.

Even now, I'm 20 years old and I have my own house but I still phone you every night and stay over every weekend. I'm even laying on your couch as I write this letter. But that's no surprise, in my current state of mind I don't want to be alone. And I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but here, next to you, chatting your ear off. My safe place.

You're the greatest man I have ever known and will ever know. You're my hero, my rock, my best friend.

I love you with all my heart and more.

-Your little girl.xo

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