Moment to Think | guest post by K

Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think.
Think about how the earth works.
Think about the air we breathe, think about how it keeps us alive.
Have you ever taken a moment to think about what you really want to say and how words can create destruction.
Destruction that can't be replaced.
Have you ever taken the time to think about if we self-destruct, what would really happen.
Would the earth still work the same, will it still turn?
Would the air we breathe still be there to keep us alive?
Would the words we say, create something worth reading, at the end of the day would your life be something to look back on and be proud of, or just a story you scrap?
If it was all to end now, would anything be the same, would you realise it's all ended?
Is any of this worth it when there's no one there to read the final page.

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