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I was sitting here looking back on my week and I realised that for the majority of it I was just sitting around the house blogging, but I also feel like I've been non stop busy. Do you ever feel like that? Like you've been run off your feet but in reality you spent more time at home? Anyway, busy or not, a lot of things have came out of this past week so we have lots to catch up on! 

"Don't stress about the closed doors
behind you. New doors are opening
if you keep moving forward."

So, over the past few weeks I have been moving my stuff out of the house that I shared with my best friend. And last Wednesday I watched the living room furniture be taken out and into a van. My best friend and I just stood in this empty living room and honestly I wanted to cry. I thought back to the day we signed the lease and picked up our keys; we sat down on the wooden floor and had chippy chips. I was nervous and excited to start a new chapter of my life. I felt so independent. 6 months later and everything has changed. When my heath deteriorated I started staying at my dads again because I couldn't be alone. I hadn't stayed over in the house, that was supposed to become my home, since October. I felt like I'd found this incredible independence and then I got pushed ten steps back. 

But I wasn't ten steps back. I was exactly where I needed to be. I needed that experience but it isn't what I need right now. Maybe if I hadn't have gone through all of this - still going through all of this I should say - I wouldn't have had this life changing epiphany. Maybe I wouldn't be in this place where I can see my future, where I can see that I'll be able to make it through this. I think what's been troubling me the most about finishing that chapter of my life, is the fear of me and my friend drifting apart. He is one of the most important people in my life but life happens and people go their separate ways. He will probably be reading this actually, so if he is - you better not leave my life, I don't know if I'd be able to find another person who is always on my wave length. 

If you remember one of my first posts on the blog - My Mum and I; The truth behind the lie we show - then you'll know that my relationship with my mum has been... rocky. We have been trying to rebuild our relationship for over a year now. When I say rebuild I mean - she has no idea what she's ever done wrong but she know's she done something so she's trying to be an actual mum and I'm meeting her half way. She was off work for a couple of days last week so I thought it'd be a nice surprise if I go and stay over and spend some quality time with her. It was nice, we didn't have any arguments. We actually laughed a lot. Although if you read my '100 Blogger Truths' post, which I was writing on the night I stayed over, you'll see that I was getting pretty damn bored by my stepdads non stop talking about work. Like I get it, you're the 'best' in work and everyone loves you just SHHHHHHH! But apart from that, the three of us had a really nice time. Jokes aside I do actually love them both with all my heart, it's just that they're the type of people who you can only stand to be around for 24 hours a week. Oh actually one more thing, kind of getting annoyed at my mum with her replies to every blog-related achievement I tell her about. I'm sure you can guess her reply but - "But it doesn't bring in money". Yep cheers for that. I haven't actually told her yet that I won't be getting another job because I'm pursuing blogging as a career. Just a hunch but I don't think she's going to like that very much. 

Hitting blogging milestones had me like;


I'm still a tad bit excited about this if you couldn't already tell. I like to set myself monthly goals when it comes to social media followers and blog pageviews, it gives me something to aim for. My goal for the end of February was to reach 2k followers on twitter so I think you can understand why I Chandler'ed-out at reaching my goal only 11 days in to Feb. 

My goal for the end of 2017 was to reach 30 000 page views, but that was before I had my whole mental break down thing and stopped blogging. So considering I only started back up again in January - I'm pretty damn proud! 

And it's all down to you! Thank you so much. I'm going to stop there because I don't want to get all cheesy and emotional - I'll save that for when I win an Oscar. 

Get me to 3k followers and 60 000 page views and I'll donate my freakin' kidney's to you. 

Whilst we're on the subject of Twitter, let me take this moment to say - I'M NOT A ROBOT OR AUTOMATED SERVICE! STOP REFUSING TO POST MY TWEETS! Twitter may be getting a very lengthy email from me if they continue to suggest I'm using an automated service. Nope, my life really is that boring that I have time to tweet my links 50 times a day.

Before we move on to my weekly loves, I just want to let you know that today I got a little ko-fi button to the right there if you ever fancy buying me a coffee. 


I have been engaging with bloggers a lot this week and I've loved it! I've came across a few blog posts that are just incredible, written by equally incredible bloggers. 

Confidence for Young Women by The Little Black Rose

How has your week been?
Comment down below any new posts you have so I can check them out.

All my love


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