WOMEN'S WEDNESDAY | 8 badass female characters

"Each time a woman stands up for
herself, she stands up for all women."
- Maya Angelou

I'm a huge film/tv fan! From classics to coming-of-age features, blockbusters to cheesy Hallmark movies, and real world crime to the supernatural. But there's nothing I love more than seeing a strong, real and independent female character. Whether they're CEO of a company, smashing the single life, holding the family together or killing demons - it always leaves me inspired and proud to be a woman. The amount of strong female characters is rising each year, and it needs to continue on that path. It's not just about equality, these female characters teach women and girls of all ages that we don't have to be the damsel of distress waiting for a man to swoop in and save us, we can be our own hero. So here's 8 of my favourite female characters that own their own mind, body and life. Ladies, you are an inspiration to us all.


"She wasn't looking for a knight
she was looking for a sword"
- Atticus

Van Helsing

The incredibly talented Kelly Overton has embodied, what I can only describe as one of the strongest female characters I have watched in a very long time. Before the world became vampire-dominated, before Vanessa became aware that she was special, it was very clear that she had always been a strong woman. She was a hard-working single mum who showed incredible strength and courage when she intervened, without a second thought, when she witnessed her neighbour and friend being abused by her boyfriend. After waking up from a 5 year coma to find the world infested with vampires, she slowly learns of her abilities. Vanessa Van Helsing grows stronger each episode, whilst still staying true to her mundane compassion. She will go down as one of the greatest fictional female leaders.


Marvel's Jessica Jones

The mysterious Jessica Jones. Jessica doesn't want to be a superhero, she is just trying to get from day to day. She has super physical strength but is still open to being hurt and knocked down emotionally and mentally which is one of my favourite aspects about her character. I've never been able to relate much to superheroes, but I relate to her a hell of a lot as I'm sure a lot of other women do. She's not perfect and she certainly hasn't got her life figured out, in fact, she struggles with life every day. But she is strong, courageous, honest, human and she will always stay and fight. She is most definitely an independent, bad ass woman!



Sophia Marlowe, (inspired by Sophia Amoruso), has got to be one of, if not my favourite, female character of all time. I binged watched the entire season of Girlboss in one day and I felt so unbelievably inspired. I still re-watch it to this day when I need a bit of that girlboss magic dust. Not only does Sophia not give a crap what anyone thinks about her, she is; sassy, fierce, confident, free-spirited and just an all-round Nasty Gal! 



"The real violence, the violence that I
realised was unforgivable, is the violence
that we do to ourselves, when we're too
afraid to be who we really are."
Nomi Marks

Let me give you a bit of a back story into her character; Nomi was born a boy named Michael. As a teen she was forced by her father to join the swim club in the hopes that she'd become a better man. She refused to be nude in the showers due to her insecurity and gender dysphoria. A group of boys subjected her to a scalding hot shower which left her with second-degree burns. The scars of which she still bears on her torso. This experience led her to transition. She is now a proud transgender woman and lesbian. That is why this female character will forever be an inspiration to not just those who are made to believe that they're not "normal", but to all women.



When I first looked into Scorpion and I seen that there would a mechanical and engineering genius in the team, I definitely wasn't expecting to see a female play that role. I was so pleasantly surprised to see a woman in a man's stereotypical role. Happy may be a genius, but the love she has for her friends is absolutely incredible. Scorpion will always have a place in my heart, and one of the main reasons is because they have a main female character who is strong, smart and doesn't take shit from anybody. I would love to see more characters like this in the media in the future. 


Black Lightning

As I mentioned in yesterday's Tuesday Talk post, that I have been watching Black Lightening and I absolutely love it. Black Lightening himself is great and all but what has captured me most about this show is Jefferson's two daughters; Jennifer and Annisa. They're only just discovering that they have powers so lets talk about who they where already. On the pilot episode, these two fierce women became two of my favourite characters on tv. They fight for what they want and believe in, they're fearless and they can put a guy down on the ground in 2 seconds. Not to mention how ecstatic I am of the fact that their are two strong, independent black women in main roles. And then to pile on the inspiration and awareness - Annisa is a proud lesbian. It's about damn time there's a show that promotes female strength like this.


The Hunger Games

Katniss Everdeen is one of the most iconic and influential female characters of the 21st century with her obvious fearlessness, strength and survival instincts. Katniss possess every trait that I could wish to see in a female character. She wants peace and will kill to get there. Protecting her loved ones is her first priority always, which although that has made her somewhat cold, it also means that she has a natural maternal instinct. Katniss Everdeen will always be remembered as the character that carved the path for more strong female leads to follow. And of course, a total badass. 


"There is no tool for development more
effective than the empowerment of women."
- Kofi Annan

The only person we need to achieve strength is ourselves.

You can your own hero.


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