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When I was younger, I wanted nothing more than to be one of the cool kids, to fit in. I was in no way shape or form, one of the cool kids at school. I had my hair pulled tightly back into a pony tail. I'm ginger too, so that already lowers my cool-kid cred. I never wore any make-up. I had pasty white skin. I suffered from breakouts all the time. I was shy and awkward around new people. I had zero confidence. I would st...st...stutter - all the time! Recently I read a post by Sarah Jenna-Jayne - and it took me back down memory lane to my first day of high school. I had one of those across-the-shoulder bags, that no matter how many times I adjusted the strap it'd always be down to my knees. Do you remember Year 7? Where, for some unknown reason, we'd be sprinting to class as if we were going to get 10 slashes if we were late? Well I was sprinting across the yard like a dork and that obscenely long bag I previously mentioned, fell off of my shoulder, wrapped around my legs and I went sliding along the ground. So if I weren't already destined to be a high school nobody, then this shining first impression definitely did the trick.

Long ago, society decided to separate youngsters into two groups - the cool kids and the losers. I was placed firmly in the losers group based on all of the reasons above. Did you notice that they were all superficial reasons? High school is hard enough without putting pressure on teenagers to look, be and act a certain way in order to reach society's impossible standards. And then attaching the loser label to the teenagers that refuse to conform. 

We need to teach today's children that they can look however they want to look, that they can act however they want to act, and that they can be whoever they want to be. That every person deserves equal respect regardless of how they look or how they dress. Stop planting seeds in the heads of teenagers who are stereo-typically labeled as beautiful or handsome, that they are in any way superior to those who are stereo-typically labeled as ugly or nerdy

Create respect, kindness and equality in the children of today to ensure respect, kindness and equality for the future.

All my love,

Han .xo


  1. For some reason I have only just found this post! If it makes you feel any better reading this I can tell you was definitely cooler than me �� we can join our own cool kids club!!!

    1. Being "cool" is overrated anyway girl! Thank you for commenting lovely.

      Love, Han -xo


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