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this section contains a whole lot of soppy shit

You know 'the feeling'? The butterflies in your stomach? The smile from ear to ear that you can't stop? That's the feeling I've had since my first date last Thursday and our date last night. I wasn't looking for anything when we first started talking, but I like him. A lot. I like him a lot more than I originally planned. He's smart, he makes me laugh, he's awkward yet makes me feel totally comfortable. He makes me happy and that scares the shit out of me. I don't open myself up to anyone. I've never been able to see myself as being good enough for anyone and I've always been scared that once someone has me, they'll stop wanting me. Honestly I'm scared that they'll start to see me how I see me, and get bored. But this guy reminded me what butterflies feel like so it's got to be worth the risk. I told him that I want to take things slow, and he's totally on the same page; thank god! Nothing good should be rushed. He seems like he is done with mind games as much as I am. I can feel myself letting him in a little bit at a time. Honestly, I think we're all just waiting for someone to like us for the train-wreck that we are.



Friday 6th April marks one year since I started this blog. I never thought I'd meet so many incredible people and receive so much support. I think it's only right that I host a giveaway to say thank you for every view, follow and comment that I have received. I haven't decided what I'll be giving away yet but I promise it'll be good. The giveaway will start on 6th April and will run for 2 weeks. It will only be open to the UK because I'm to poor to ship it to another country, but to my international readers - thank you for your support and I promise that I'll hold a giveaway for you later this year. 

. . .

I'm hosting tomorrow night's #lbloggers chat! It starts at 7pm (GMT), I hope to see you all there! 

All my love

Han xo

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