TUESDAY TALK | existing loudly, falling asleep on the bathroom floor, and new buys!



Happy Tuesday!! So I'm going to start with a little recap of last weeks Tuesday Talk; I mentioned that I had started to think about lifting my anonymity and how I wanted to give my blog a good ol' makeover. Well one thing you should know about me is that once I get an idea in my head it's all that I think about until I do it. So it's no surprise that on that same Tuesday I re-designed my entire blog (still can't quite believe I managed that), and I lifted my anonymity. I'm still so happy that you now know who I am. I feel like we know each other on a better level now that you can put a face to my ramblings. 

I also mentioned last week that I was getting a skin test ahead of dying my hair. I got it, all is fine and I'll be getting my hair dyed this week! I'm so excited and impatient. I'm loving the new me so I need to have the hair to match. I'm really hoping that I get my hair done before my date. Speaking of the date. I had to cancel last weeks but it's fine because we've rescheduled for this Thursday and I'm actually looking forward to it. I've come to like the nervous butterflies in my stomach. I realised that all of the best life decisions I have made, were made whilst I had butterflies in my stomach. So I'm thinking that's a good omen. 

Exist loudly. Those two simple words hit me hard. If you try to be somebody that you're not, then you're just existing. Be you and you'll always stand out, you'll always be existing loudly. Do you remember me mentioning in a past post that I no longer wanted to wear clothes because I was scared to be different? That I was going to own my individual style? Well Sunday night I spent the night celebrating my friends birthday. It's the first time I've been out anywhere in quite a while so I took the leap and dressed how I wanted to dress. I embraced my individual style and I've never felt so confident in my life. The whole night I was thinking "damn girl, you look good". And that's how I want to feel every time I step out the front door. The night itself was great. It's a group of friends that I haven't seen much of in a while because of my mental health and it was just so amazing to be out with them again. I feel like; laughing, drinking and dancing with incredible friends, brought back a part of me that had been missing for a long time. I remembered how much fun I can have. Fun I deserve to have. Although that did end up with me falling asleep on my bathroom floor. But in my defense, I didn't drink that much, I just seriously underestimated how strong my medication is. I was having a ball, enjoying my steamboat then it just hit me suddenly. You know that drunk road block you hit where everything around you is moving and you lose the ability to function properly? I got a taxi home straight away, started throwing up and next thing I knew, my uncle was picking me up off the bathroom floor. That definitely wasn't a fun time for me. I've learnt my lesson for sure; no alcohol AT ALL whilst I'm on my meds! But luckily for me, I'm one of those people that doesn't have to drink to have a good time.

After waking up yesterday morning hangover-free, I decided to go into town with my nan and have a little look around charity shops. Because guilt-free shopping is the best! We walked into a shop called Shared Earth, and it was an absolute dream! It was filled with earthy, hippie vibes. It sold dream catchers, figurines, candles, incense, jewellery and so many more beautiful things. I don't know how I managed it but I only bought two things...for now. I love jewellery but I'm not into the generic pieces that everyone else has. So I fell in love with these earrings and the necklace instantly! I didn't even take a minute to decide if I wanted to spend money, I picked them up and went straight to the till. 
But I had my eye on, well on every other product in the store! I can't wait to go back and buy more unique items. 

How was your week?

All my love

Han -xo

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