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It's almost 11pm on a Tuesday and I'm only just writing today's Tuesday Talk post - oops. In my defence, I have been on a mini break in Wales since Friday and only got back today. So as I'm writing this 11 hours late, I'm going to keep today's post short and sweet; like me.

" There is sunshine
in my soul today "

I FINALLY got my hair dyed! I know right... I've mentioned on every Tuesday Talk post for weeks that "I'm getting it done this week." and I never did. But here I am, sitting here with my dream hair. I was so unbelievably nervous sitting in that hairdressers chair. I almost talked myself out of doing it because all I could think was "It's going to look terrible, I'll look ridiculous and then I'll have to stay indoors for the next 5 months and I don't want to do that because I kinda like the guy I'm dating." but I went through with it anyway and I'm so glad that I did! I can't even describe how much my confidence has sky rocketed since changing my hair. I feel more beautiful, I feel more true, I feel like me. The real me. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I'd posted three selfies in three days. "Yeah and?" Yes I know 3 selfies in 3 days doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary but it is for me. The only selfies I ever post is when I'm all dressed up ready to go out somewhere special; and even then I make sure to have good lighting along with a great filter! But since getting my hair done I've suddenly become snap happy with my selfie confidence turned up to 11. So expect more selfies coming your way soon!

" Courage doesn't mean
you don't get afraid.
Courage means you don't
let fear stop you. "

I've been thinking A LOT recently about my bucket list. I don't want to reach 50 years of age and start cramming everything in before I die. I want to live. Now. My bucket list would cost me a hell of a lot of money for me to complete so I've decided to start with one of least craziest things on my list - skydiving! I'm hoping to do it toward the end of the summer and I figured, since I'm jumping head first in to this (literally) I may as well raise money for charity at the same time. So over the next week I'll be looking into what charity I want to fund-raise for, although I'm edging toward a mental health organisation. Once it is all planned and set into motion I will be creating a Just Giving page and linking it to my blog - I do hope you'll donate when the time comes. Every penny helps. 

That's it for this post, I promise I'll have something longer and a lot more interesting next week.

All my love

Han -xo

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