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I'm here, I haven't abandoned you. I promise! After getting back from Wales, I had a date, then I was babysitting, then there were a few family situations; so my productivity level has been low. But I am definitely not taking a break from blogging or from my incredible readers, like yourself. 

"You're the reason I look
down at my phone and
smile. And then walk
into a pole."

Things are going really well with - let's give him a fake name - Jack. He's honestly unlike any person I've ever met. His name alone will make me smile. I can get lost in his eyes. His kiss makes my mind go blank. This is new to the both of us, we miss each other every day that we're not together. These feelings scare the shit out of me. And to add more pressure, he is my plus 1 to my Grandad's birthday party on Saturday. I have no concerns about him meeting my family; I'm only concerned about him meeting my mum and step dad. As I may have mentioned before, when my mum and step dad have been drinking, they tend to say what ever comes in to their heads which is usually an insult to me. I don't really feel like being put down by mum in front of Jack. So pray for me please!

This is it for today's post, I know it's super short but I want to spend the rest of the day writing some exciting content. And don't forget to check back on Friday for our 1 year blogger-versary giveaway.

Love, Han -xo

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