16 Thank You's in 16 Day's | Day 13: to Leah, the light of my life.

To the light of my life,

You mean more to me than I could ever explain in this letter. But I'm going to try my best to thank you for as much as I can. You're one of the best things that has ever happened to me. My life was made beautiful the moment that I met you. You make me want to make something of myself and of my life. You compliment my life and you've made my existence worthwhile. You're my inspiration and my source of joy. Every time I fall, you pick me up and walk side by side with me. You've always had a way of making me smile and making me forget all of the bad. You're sunshine in human form, and continue to light up my life everyday.

Thank you for listening to my long-ass stories even though you have heard them all before. Thank you for never judging me for the decisions that I make. Thank you for respecting my values and opinions, even if you don't share the same ones. Thank you for always being brutally honest with me when I'm being ridiculous and irrational. Thank you for forgiving me every time I haven't been the greatest best friend. Thank you for trusting me enough to open up to me and vulnerable. Thank you for fighting all of life's battles with me, and for celebrating all of life's exciting moments with me. Thank you for endless and unconditional love, support and protection. Thank you for the moments we share where words do not need to be said because we know that we will always face everything together. Thank you for reminding me to always stay true to myself, and thank you for always staying true to yourself, because you're the most beautiful soul in the world. It doesn't matter where we are in the world or where we are in life, because we will always have each other. Our bond is unbreakable. And I will be eternally grateful for having you in my life. I can't imagine my life, or the world, without you in it.

I love you in case I die.

-Han. xo

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