16 Thank You's in 16 Day's | Day 4: to you, Grandad.

Dear Gramps,

We have a deep connection and understanding that I've never known how to explain. It's the small things that we have in common that connects us. We share the same humour. We cross roads when we should wait; my nan's nerves hate that about us. We're in agreement that the only way whiskey should be drank, is straight - no ice. I remember you, my nan and I, walking into the card factory and my Nan starts to read the pretty verses like most do. But not us. We walked up to the cards, picked it up and looked at the back to make sure it was under £1. We looked like a mirror image. It's the smallest thing but that was the day I realised how alike we are. I've always been one to chase adventures and adrenaline. But I could never work out who I got that from. It was you. I could see it in your eyes when I told you I was going to sky dive this year. I have a free soul, and that is, without a doubt, because of you.

Thank you for being the most incredible husband to my Nan. I will never forget how much of a rock you were for her and us whilst she was kicking cancer's butt. The unconditional love you both share is beautiful and inspiring. You taught me what it means to love someone for better or for worse. I measure men next to the high standards that you have set.

Thank you for supporting me through every storm life has thrown at me. Thank you for picking me up from school. Thank you for being by my side when 
I got my exam results. Thank you for walking me to job interviews and waiting for me because you know I how much I panic. Thank you for picking up my medication all of the time. Thank you for volunteering to help me without giving it a second thought.

You're the most incredible man that I have ever known. You have taught me everything I need to
be a good person. You're the only person that has never failed to make me smile and laugh. I will never be able to fully thank you for everything that you have done for me,  for everything that you are and for the endless lessons you have taught me. I don't know what  I would ever do without
you in my life. I feel so lucky to have you by my
side, always.

Thank you,

I love you with all my heart and so much more.

- Your first granddaughter, xo

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