16 Thank You's in 16 Day's | Day 5: to you, uncle John.

Dear Uncle John,

One of the things that I cherish most in my life is the relationship we share. On a day day, you could do one of your dramatic walks in to the room, and it will instantly brighten up my day. Sometimes, you're the only person I feel that I can talk to. You get me. All of me. You understand my depression and my anxiety. Thank you for always knowing the right thing to say. 

You deserve a medal for voluntarily putting up with me. 
You cook for me. You support my tea addiction. You're my personal pill pusher because, without you I'd forget to take them every day. You never complain about my mood 
swings or my desire to have philosophical chats at 2am. You're always in my corner. We have countless inside jokes. I can talk to you about anything; boys, periods, politics, mental health, gossip. That's what makes you, not only the most amazing uncle, but a loving second dad, a trustworthy confidant and a best friend. Thank you so much for always being there for me throughout my life. To know that I 
always have someone I can depend on, and receive unconditional love and support from, means more to me than you will ever know. 

Thank you for being you. You mean more to me 
and the girls than you'll ever know. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we're so lucky to have you by our side, always. You make our lives brighter just by being you.

Thank you, for the hugs, the laughs and the unconditional love.

Appreciate it.

Love, your duck -xo

"When I was a child, you were like the dad
I wish I had; taking me out every Saturday
to cafes or to the cinema. You were
always there for me and still are."
- Emma

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