16 Thank You's in 16 Day's | Day 9: to the doctor who saved my life.

To Dr Ekdawy,

This time last year I couldn't even admit that I had any mental illness'. Despite my loved ones asking me to speak to a professional, I continued to insist that I would be "fine". Mainly because I didn't see the point in unloading my thoughts and issues on to a stranger. I have met enough doctors to know that all I am to them is a 10 minute appointment. But from the first conversation we had, I knew that you were a doctor that truly cared about patients.

Thank you for making me feel completely at ease. Thank you for being someone that I can trust entirely. Thank you for being so patient with me, and for not pressuring me to tell you more than what I wanted to. Thank you for helping me through the darkest time of my life. Thank you for indirectly making me rediscover how much I loved blogging and how much happiness it brings to  my life. Without knowing it, you made me realise that the only way I could be happy is by pursuing my dreams and never returning to a crappy, miserable job again.

I could truly never thank you enough for all that you have done for me. And I'm definitely not looking forward to your pending departure; doctors like you are rare to find.

Thank you,

-Han, xo

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