Tuesday Talk | Let's catch up...

It's been a few months since my last Tuesday Talk post so I think a catch up is way overdue, don't you? So get yourself a cuppa, a few bourbons and let's chat. 

If you haven't already seen it, I launched an advice column called Happiness by Han. It's something I have wanted to do for quite a while now. Nothing makes me happier than my readers feeling that they can confide in me. You can write to me about anything but the main areas that I focus on are - mental health, love, heartbreak, and chasing your dreams. If you head on over to the site it'll inform you on the ways in which you can contact me.

I'm looking for guest writers! Did you notice the way I said "writers" instead of "bloggers"? That's because I want all writers to express themselves on SH;AL whether you're a blogger or not. You can write about anything you like, just let that passion take over. Email me at - safehavenanonymousletters@gmail.com - if you're interested. I look forward to reading them.

Before I start rambling on about my life, did you see my latest posts?

A few months ago I mentioned that I wanted to take part in a charity skydive. Originally I wanted to do that skydive in August 2018 but I have decided to schedule it for next year so that I have more time to raise as much money as I can. The charity I have chosen to jump out of an airplane for is one that is really close to my heart - Mind. Mind is an incredible mental health charity that offers unconditional help and support to those who need it.

Speaking of mental health, as you probably already know I have been severely struggling with Anxiety for a long time now. A couple of weeks ago I self-referred myself to Talk Liverpool and I'm so proud of myself. I'm on a waiting list but soon I'll be trying CBT. I'm absolutely crapping myself but I am going to give it everything I've got and power through. If you have ever tried CBT, how did you find it?

Before finish this post - I'm on the hunt for a camera so that I can really start improving my photography skills and upping my Insta game... but I don't have a clue where to start. If you have any recommendations for me can you please leave it down in the comments below. I'm so useless when it comes to stuff like this.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of your Tuesday.

Love, Han


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