8 Binge-Worthy TV Series | Collaboration with Life of Amy

I'm currently full of cold, laying on the couch in my boyfriends shirt, and all I want to do is spend the day wrapped up and binge-watching series on Netflix. But since my cousin has come down for a day of blogging, Amy and I have decided to do a little collab. We thought we'd make your week a little brighter by sharing with you our favourite binge-worthy TV series. Here are my 8 faves, and don't forget to head over to Amy's blog to check out her 8:

Gossip Girl

You know you love it. 



Ok so this is the perfect series to binge-watch. I finished the whole thing in 2 weeks. I was hooked! It was one hell of an emotional roller coaster lemme' tell you. 


This is truly one of the most well written series I've watched in a very long time. That, paired with the amazing chemistry between the cast, made for a seriously captivating show! I'm actually up to date with it now, which means I have to wait a week for an episode... yay. (insert eye roll here)

Greenhouse Academy

I'm not entirely sure what made me want to watch this in the first place because it looked like a low-budget teen show, but boy am I glad that I did! As the series progressed my jaw dropped even lower. There are so many unexpected twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat. 


Writing out the title of the show has just reminded me that I still don't know why it has an 'i' in front of 'zombie'? Huh. 

A few moments later...

Let's forget the name for a second, and let's talk about how f*cking amazing this series is! It's truly became a favourite of mine. Each episode is new, fresh and just as exciting as the last. There aren't enough words that could do this show justice so you'll just have to see for yourself.


I watched all 10 episodes in one day. Yep, it was that captivating. I'm usually pretty good at guessing the killer early on but I honestly had no clue! They cleverly set it up so that every single person looked like a suspect. It kept me wanting more, in fact I'm pretty sure I didn't get out of bed for almost 10 hours.


An asteroid is heading to Earth and it will wipe out all life. The American government, NASA, a tech billionaire and an MIT student all work together to try and stop the inevitable. Sounds a bit blah right? I thought so too, but then I became hooked after the first episode and binged the full 13 episodes across two days.

Good Girls

If you haven't watched this yet then what're you doing? Have a duvet day, get yourself a load of snacks, turn your phone off and binge-watch the shit out of this series! Trust me, you won't regret it... well you might do but hun, you deserve to have a lazy day.

Happy binging!

Love, Han



  1. A really great post! This post made me smile so much! I am definitely going to give them a watch! An entertaining post. 😊🌸xxx

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy that you liked it.

      Han, xo


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