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I didn't have any plans to write a post tonight, but I've just been hit with inspiration so I have to get it out - goodbye early night! I haven't had the best of nights, I'm in that 'everyone is driving me insane just by opening their mouths' kind of mood, maybe it's because I have a migraine coming on, maybe it's because my period is due or maybe I'm just being a hormonal mess. Either way my frown got turned upside down tonight when I got tagged in a tweet that was all about spreading positivity and love throughout the blogging community. I received a tweet from a favourite blogger of mine, and she told me that she had looked up to me since the very start of her blogging journey. I'm not going to lie, I did cry. It got me thinking about how much love, positivity and support I receive every day from so many people in my life. There's no bad mood that I can't be snapped out of when I receive such wonderful messages.

I'm a very independent person. I don't like people trying to control how I think or what I do. Those closest to me would probably say I'm a strong person and my readers say I'm honest and not afraid to say what I feel. But I'm only strong, honest and unafraid because of the people I have supporting me every day. Without them I wouldn't have any motivation to do what I do and to follow my dreams and to not take no for an answer in life. Without them I wouldn't be open and stand up for what I believe in. Sure, I'm strong, creative, honest and fiery - but they're simply traits that live deep within me, my support system is what ignites it all and steers me in the right direction. I thought that tonight I'd introduce you to the people behind my inspiration, drive, passion and heart; because if it weren't for them, I wouldn't have a blog to help people with.

I don't look at this picture and see me with my four cousins who are all sisters, because I was lucky enough to accepted into their hearts from the day I was born. They're my sisters in every way and where would a girl be without her sisters? Each one of us has been through our own rough patch, do you know how we got through it all? By being together. We have this incredible bond where when one of us falls down and feels too weak to get back up, the rest of us pick that sister up and walk through the dark with her until she has the strength to walk on her own again. My strength is ignited by Leanne. My confidence is ignited by Amy. My wit is ignited by Emma. My kind-heart is ignited by Rach. All four of them are a part of me and a huge part of my support network; without them it'd be gone.

My boyfriend and my dad are the two most important men in my life. My dad has been my biggest supporter since the day I was born. He is the person that ignited my determination and my stubbornness. He's the reason why I go through life not settling for anything less than what I deserve. Without his support I doubt I'd ever have pursued my dreams or followed my heart. Then luck struck me twice and gave me a man that matches the level of support my dad has always given me. James opened my heart and changed my perspective of the world. He ignited more happiness in me than I had ever experienced. Because of James, my writing has never been better. Products created from happiness and love are pure magic.

. . .

I could go on all night about all of my family and friends that offer me unconditional support, but instead I'm going to talk about the people who inspired this post in the first place - bloggers. Sometimes it's hard to find a place where you belong in this world, but when you find it you just know it's where you're supposed to be. For me, that place is the blogging community. Yes I love writing and everything else that comes with a bloggers job, but what I love the most and what keeps me here is the community. The support I receive everyday is indescribable. There's a bunch of people who I have never met but I connect with on a level that I don't with other people. We understand each other. You give me meaning in life. I truly could not face each day without the support of so many incredible human beings. I'm going to share twitter links of the bloggers who I connect with most or those who I have recently began to connect with and who I can already tell will be lasting friends.

I love every single person in my support network. Remember to show your appreciation to your support network, you may not be who or where you are without them.

Love, Han



  1. Lovely post and it shows how well loved you are.

  2. Absolutely beautiful words from a beautiful're so much more than a cousin you are my sister,my bestfriend and my confident and i love you with all of my heart

  3. Absolutely beautiful post and I feel exactly the same way about you. Thank you for your kind words and I can truly say the feeling is mutual xx

    1. Thank you beautiful. I'm so lucky to have connected with you.

      Han, xo


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