What LOVE Means To Me

1. n. Fondness, warm affection
2. Be in love, be in love with, feel affection for; delight in, admire, be glad of the existence of

According to our, virtually antique, household dictionary, above is the definition of love. The pages of our dictionary may be falling apart after all these years, but it's never failed us. In fact, it's taught me many things, including what verisimilitude means; a word that I still can't pronounce to save my life. But love is something that the good ol' Oxford can not teach me, because love can't be defined. Words like "fondness" and "warm affection" just don't seem to capture the power and the meaning of love. Then again, can love really be summed up in one or two words? Maybe six months ago I might have believed that being in love simply meant that you're glad your other half exists, but now I know that it's just one of the endless definitions of love.

Today marks six months since meeting the love of my life. James redefined the word love for me. Being in love with someone was a foreign concept to me. Before James, love seemed so confusing. I mean think about it, love in fictional terms began with 'once upon a time' and ended with 'happily ever after'. But according to everyone over the age of thirty, real world love is complicated, heartbreaking and painful. Both are true, but they aren't the only two realities that love has to offer. I believe that love can't be defined because our love stories aren't the same. My love may not be the same as yours, but both versions are equally as vivid and special. So, what does love mean to me?

Love is...falling asleep in his arms.

Love is...uncomplicated.

Love is...what helps me through difficult times.

Love is...feeling perfectly content.

Love is...wishing I could give him a hug anytime I want.

Love is...unthinkable without him.

Love is...waking up next to him.

Love is...having everything I could ask for.

Love is...that spark I feel every time my lips meet his.

Love is...when simply thinking of him brightens my day.

Love is...him loving the skin I'm in.

Love is...when time apart feels like torture.

Love is...magic.

Love is...when being in his arms is the best and safest place in the world.

Love is...hugging him and never wanting to let go.

Love is...protecting each other's hearts.

Love is...unconditional.

Love is...believing in each other and our dreams.

Love is...getting butterflies every time I see him.

Love is...what get's me through a bad day.

Love is...not feeling alone anymore.

Love is...falling in love with him every single day.

Love is...knowing my heart is safe with him.

Love is...motivating each other.

Love is...the intense passion we have for each other.

Love is...comforting each other.

Love is...our story.

Our love is endless.

~ James, I love you. xx ~

What does love mean to you?

Love, Han


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