Periods: Myth Vs. Fact

Yep, you read that title right. Today I'm going to be talking about periods. It's 2018 and apparently it's still a taboo subject, but I say we should nip that in the bud now. Don't worry this isn't a period 101 class, and I won't be talking through the ins and outs of Mother Nature. There is, however, places all over the world who are very uneducated when it comes to our time of the month. A fact I learnt when I came across the world's crazy period myths.

Let's start off with a few from the UK and the US shall we? Not only can we not take a bath, but if we use tampons it will break the hymen and make us impure. Huh? Let's settle this one right now - we can most definitely take baths and virginity is kept intact even if you use tampons; I thought that was common sense, no? And that's not all, if you're thinking about going camping during your time of the month - don't, because apparently the bears can smell it from very far away.

There are plenty of other countries who seem to have a problem with personal hygiene during a period. Israel's mythology says that if you shower with hot water whilst on your period, you will have a heavy flow. Fact: that's bullshit. Meanwhile Columbia believes that you can't wash or cut your hair. And they're not the only ones, because Brazil and the Dominican Republic share the same weird mythology. I'm not entirely sure how anyone could make a connection between the hair on your head and your uterus, but to clarify - we can wash our hair and it doesn't in anyway affect our periods.

Continuing on with the disgusting personal hygiene mythology, in the Philippines when you get your first period, you need to wash your face with the first menstrual blood in order to have clear skin. 

India's mythology has just truly confused me. They say you can't enter a place of worship. Then they say that you can only enter a place of prayer once you've washed your hair on or after the fourth day. Then it does a full 360 and suggests that you must wash your hair on the first day itself to clean yourself completely. Meanwhile stating that if you wash your hair during your periods, your flow will be less and it will affect your fertility later in life. The word contradiction springs to mind on this one.

 A number of different countries have some ridiculous rules that are too obscene to ever consider following. You can't be in homes or have contact with anybody, according to Nepal. What're you supposed to do? Sleep in the drains for a week?... no thanks. In Romania's mythology, it's said that you can't touch flowers because they'll die quicker. Erm it's called Mother Nature for a reason hun. India also strikes again with a myth that states you can't enter a kitchen or cook food for anyone else. In Bolivia, you can't cradle babies or you'll cause them to get sick. Last but not least on the ridiculous rules, Malaysia's myth states that you need to wash your pads before throwing them out, otherwise ghosts will come and haunt you.

Here's more unbelievable myths:

Israel - You get slapped on the face when you get your first period so you have "beautiful" red cheeks for the rest of your life.

Columbia - You can't drink cold beverages because they will give you cramps.

Poland - Having sex can kill your partner.

Mexico - You should avoid dancing to very active rhythms in order to take care of your uterus.

Dominican Republic - Don't paint your nails or drink lemonade.

Brazil - You can't walk barefoot otherwise you may get cramps.

Venezuela - Avoid shaving your bikini line as the skin will get darker.

To sum up, periods are natural and can't kill people or make anybody else ill. We can take as many showers and baths as we like without it affecting our flow. We can wash our hair as many times as we like because there is absolutely no connection between our hair and our uterus. A girl starting her period does not mean that she has had sex. Using tampons does not make someone impure. We definitely do not need to wash our pads before throwing them away (that's just disgusting). And finally, periods are not shameful.  

Do you know any more myths that I forgot to mention? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Han


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