7 Things I'm NOT Going To Do This Year

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2018 was one of the greatest and most difficult years of my life so I'm definitely not sad to see it go. I was damaged, loved and knocked down. I experienced pain that I wasn't sure I could even handle. I longed for a fresh start. I've been thinking about changes and who I was this time last year - I was a lot more afraid and I'm not the same person. I changed; I had to. 2018 was a hard year. Too hard. Looking back, I definitely didn't stick to my new years resolutions but that's nothing new. This year I decided to ditch the resolutions and try something a bit different - things I'm not going to do this year - kind of like anti-resolutions. 

I'm not going to put anything or anyone above my own happiness and health anymore. This one is non-negotiable.

I'm not going to waste anymore time. Life is just too bloody short to wait around for things to get better or for things to happen. I've spent far too much time waiting for happiness to come to me instead of making my own happiness. 

I'm not going to let negativity win. Not this year. I'm going to block as much negativity as I can from my life, especially on social media. There's so much unnecessary hate and judgement floating around on social media lately and I am NOT here for it.

I'm not going to stress over the things I can't control. This one might be a bit difficult because I'm a pro-worrier but I'm determined to not worry too much this year in order to keep my mind calm and focused on the things that do matter. 

I'm not going to let other peoples opinions, judgement and expectations control the choices I make for me and my life. And I'm definitely not going to allow people to make me feel guilty or ashamed of my decisions.

I'm not going to get lazy when it comes to bettering my future. We all need to take a few mental health days sometimes to recharge and focus, but often I take that one step too far and fall into a lazy habit. But that will not get me where I need to be. 

I'm not going to apologise for who I am. I said this last year and I kept to it for the most part, and I will continue to do so. I am who I am, and people should get used to that.

What are you not going to do this year?

Happy New Year

With Love, Han



  1. You go girl!! :)

    Best of luck for the new year ahead - and some of these things I shall not do too! Especially being lazy (I am lazy af), and the one about people's opinions, AND I shall not apologize for who I am. I will allow my self to grow :)

    Thanks for this very honest post :D

    1. Thank you gorgeous girl!

      YES! You definitely shouldn't apologise for who you are!

      Love, Han. xo


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