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The more and more small businesses are becoming just as advanced and as capable as large businesses, the marketing gap is narrowing also. No longer can one say that small businesses has to follow the trends and customs of what large businesses do to promote themselves. In fact for at least ten years now, small business marketing has lead the way. You can see this by the social media platforms that have allowed small businesses to have hundreds of thousands of followers because they connect with the average joe using hashtags and running sharing campaigns. It's only recently that large businesses have even put social media marketing as part of their job requirements for all new recruits in their marketing departments. There are so many resources out there that have allowed small businesses to really understand the advanced techniques of SEO. Blogging has been made standard as part of a website. But what about content writing? This is something that small businesses need to evolve so they can compete with mainstream media that actually reports on them.

It's all about originality

Content writers actually have a different way of writing than normal business blogs. Businesses have tried to adopt the blog as part of their normal marketing aspect, but even though they have the platform for it, they don't write the best articles. They usually delve into what they have been doing for a while, what kind of updates might be released soon and why but overall, it's a little bland. Content writing is all about talking about ideas, and weaving your products and services into the pieces naturally. It's a way of exploring the ideas or the motives that push you in life to succeed and or design products a certain way. Content writing also must include your own name. No more can you hide behind 'staff' as the author to your pieces, you must use your real name. Most of all, be unique in your writing style. This pretty much means, don't try to be corporate, write like you would to a close friend or even just to yourself. Write about what motivates you and what problems you can see in the world and how your business is trying to address them.

Beat them to the punch

The mainstream media is filled with articles about businesses. Business sections are probably the most read being breaking news stories. Articles about what is happening in the business world are written every single day, even if no events are happening. Updating the public, journalists will often write about industry news that might affect them such as smartphones being designed for 5G internet and how this could affect prices or ranges of models. Instead of allowing the media to report on what you're doing, how about beating them to the punch? Learning about online business, you'll find that content writing has many beginner guides which show you the importance of running your own business narrative. The media should only report the narrative and not run it for you. This means you need to keep a firm finger on the pulse of not only what readers consume but what the media is more likely to write about. You can explain a decision you made that was seen as controversial rather than allow a journalist to speculate. Let's not forget that the media is also a business and journalists will often write pieces with titles that are purely clickbait. Don't allow them to steal your rightful traffic from you.

Allow guest posts

Getting industry friends to write a piece for you is also a good way to mix up the content a little bit. This is called guest posting, and allows someone from outside the business to talk about ideas that you both agree with. It makes your blog seem less like an echo chamber when you have people who don't have a position in your business to write about ideas that are perhaps not entirely your own. These posts will usually be in long form and written in first person. Encourage the writer to personalise it by writing a bit about themselves, what they do, what makes them tick etc. It allows you to keep a distance by making sure readers know the views they're reading are not coming from you.

Business blogs in the SME world have largely become very advanced in SEO techniques. Yet, writing opinion driven pieces about their business and their industry seems to be lacking. Many don't want to take a risk and ruffle feathers, but giving explanation to your customers for why you changed, updated or created something allows you to run your own show and not let the media speculate and put misinformation out into the world.

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