To the love of my life...

A few months ago I wrote a poem for James, but to celebrate one year with the love of my life, I thought I'd share it today. Now some of you may think it's cute but I should warn you that you may want to get a sick bucket too - my romantic side can get a little bit cringe sometimes.

Falling for you wasn't falling at all,
It was more like walking into a house and finally feeling at home.

You make me laugh when all I can shed are tears
And your strong arms are enough to hold all of my fears.
Your loving touch and the warmth of your smile,
Makes my whole life feel worthwhile.

I miss you whenever you are out of sight,
And I crave your touch with all of my might.
When I'm with you time flies by fast,
As if the present has become the past.

I will always find enough light inside
To love you and keep you by my side.
For love was but a word until the day I met you,
Now I never want to be without you.
I want you to be my husband and I your wife,
For I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

I love you, James. Thank you for making the past year, the best of my life.

- Han, xo

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