Founded in March 2017, Safe Haven; Anonymous Letters began as a form of therapy for me, but quickly became a way for me to help other people through situations that I also had found myself in or struggled with. It wasn't until a year later that I decided to lift my anonymity and show my face to you, my reader. Since then SH;AL has gone from strength to strength, and I believe there is much more to come.


We have 5 sub niche's;

Along with the ever popular blog series Bloggers Uncensored. It's an opportunity for you to read your favourite bloggers' honest and uncensored opinions on real life topics, including; feminism, mental health, freedom, Love is Love and more. There's a new blogger every Sunday at 5pm. See you there!

The recently launched #AskHan is a way to put my advice skills to use and help you and others with any issues you may be having. I mainly offer advice on dating, relationships, sex, self confidence and mental health - but feel free to reach out with any issues you need advice on. Simply comment on an #AskHan post or email me at - safehavenanonymousletters@gmail.com with #AskHan in the subject line.

Welcome to our Safe Haven

With love, Han


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